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Environmental Sciences Research division

The Head of the division... ا.د/ محمد احمد علي
The Deputy of the division... ا.د/جميلة السيد الطويل

The department


رئيس القسم


Air Pollution.


ا.د/ ياسرجسن إبراهيم

تلوث الهواء

Occupational Health & Industrial Medicine.

1191/2846/2764 /-2428/1219/2896

ا.دأمل سعد الدين أحمد حسين

الطب البيئي والمهني

Water Pollution


أ.د/نجوى عباس الاسناوى

تلوث المياه


  1. Water quality surveillance and monitoring.
  2. Water supply and pollution control technology.
  3. Water resources quality assessment.
  4. Environmental impact of toxic substances and hazardous waste.
  5. Water and wastewater treatment technology, development, upgrading and remediation.
  6. Pollution prevention and waste minimization.
  7. Bio-indicators for toxicity.
  8. Eutrophication problem assessment and mitigation problems.
  9. Environmental impact assessment.
  10. Developing of criteria and standards for potable water and wastewater effluent.
  11. Reviewing, updating and development of environmental legislation.
  12. Monitoring of air pollutants and air quality assessment in urban and industrial areas.
  13. Physical, chemical and mineralogical air pollution analysis.
  14. Recommendations for air quality control and battlement of pollutant emissions.
  15. Evaluation of control equipment.
  16. Combustion pollutants and decrease of their emission.
  17. Indoor Pollution in public buildings, houses and industries.
  18. Technical consultations for factories and local organizations for air pollution control.
  19. Consultations on environmental legislation and establishment of emission and ambient standards in both urban and industrial areas.
  20. Consultations on environmental planning and environmental impact for new production projects.
  21. Impact of high temperature on heart diseases among workers.
  22. Effect of organic dust on lung and respiratory system disease.
  23. Impact of exposure to inorganic dust on pneumoconiosis, neoplastic diseases, immunological and chest diseases.
  24. Effect of organic solvents on workers' health and the physiological, biological, hematological and hormonal changes.
  25. Effect of exposure to heavy metals on metabolic system, immunity system, blood, hormonal profile and kidneys.
  26. Effect of noise on the phenomena of hearing loss, heart diseases, nervous system, and its relation with accidents, productivity of the Egyptian workers, citizens and traffic men.
  27. Impact of smoking and passive smoking on impairment of metabolic system, cancer lung and mouth, heart diseases.
  28. Effect of insecticide residues on different body systems and impairment of metabolic and immunologic systems.
  29. Monitoring of different pollutants and their impact on environmental health.
  30. Evaluation of different types of water for Egypt Air.
  31. Quality control and quality assurance.
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