The international Relations Office ( IRO ) is located in the Main building of the National Research Centre ( NRC ) Campus. It is responsible for  implementing the international policy of the  NRC.It supports collaboration with governmental organizations , universities, embassies and scholarships agencies.

It is under the direct leadership of the Vice President for Research and International Relations.


It’s main mission is:

  • Establishing and strengthening international partnerships and collaborations
  • Facilitating and processing international agreements
  • Hosting foreign delegations and visitors
  • Expanding international opportunities for NRC academics and faculty members, raising NRC profile worldwide.
  • Follow up reports and orientation for researchers after being assigned for research opportunities
  • Facilitation of transfer of scientific expertise between Egyptian expatriates, scientists abroad and NRC faculties, through setting up joint meetings of mutual interest.
  • Actively searching for funding organizations
  • Offering inhouse training facilities and scholarships for researchers and students from partner centres  and organizations

Linkedin : IRO National Research Centre , please follow our regular updates of opportunities and activities

Please follow our Regular  announcements  concerning available opportunities for in house researchers to apply for fellowships, grants and research programs ,

now ongoing:

  • British council Newton Mosharafa fund

Meet Our Team


 Professor Nabil Abd Elmeguid Saleh ( Ex president , National Research Centre , Egypt )




Prof. Ahmed Fakhry ( focal point for Russia and East Europe )

Prof. Mona Farag ( Focal Point for Germany ) email:

Prof. Enas Mazen( Focal Point for France and French Speaking Countries)


Prof . Zahra Saleh ( Focal point for Africa ) email:

Prof.Hemat Allam ( Focal point for The UK ,India and Japan) email:

Prof. mohammed Lotfy ( Focal point for Scandinavian countries , Malaysia )


Prof. Wagdi Khalil ( Focal point for China and South East Asia ) email:

Secretariat office:

Mme.Maryam Mossad

Mr. Ayman

The board meets weekly , on a regular basis , every Monday , 10.00am.

For further queries and opportunities, please contact

Executive Coordinator :

Mme. Maryam Mossad

Phone:00202  33371362——-/ ext. 1227