ASRT National Programs &Initiatives (Pollution Prevention Program) Title of Initiative: Polymeric-iron based coagulants for improvement of treatment of wastewater for agriculture reuse (Project No.: 1404)



The project won the bronze prize in the 6th Cairo International Exhibition of innovation. An innovative polymeric inorganic coagulant of POFC has been prepared from waste and low cost raw materials. POFC is an eco-friendly and non-toxic product.

The prepared polymeric inorganic coagulant can be applied as an alternative to traditional coagulants with low doses and high efficiency without the addition of expensive organic polymers as well as it reduced the generation of large quantities of sludge. POFC has a feature of coagulant and flocculant. Thus, the running cost of treatment will be decreased.

POFC is a successfully achieved treatment of different wastewater; domestic, milling of wheat and paper mill. Implementing of this coagulant does not need to slow mixing in coagulation without organic flocculants, which will reduce the cost of treatment plants construction.


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