President of the National Research Centre (NRC)

Prof. Dr. Ashraf H. Shaalan
Prof. Dr. Ashraf H. Shaalan.

President of the National Research Centre (NRC)

Division: Medical Sciences Division

Department: Biological Anthropology Department

Personal Data:

Name: Ashraf H. Shaalan
Nationality: Egyptian
Postal Code: 12622
Date of Birth: Aug. 23 rd, 1959.
Marital Status: Married and has two children.


  1. Ph.D. Childhood Studies, Institute of Postgraduate Childhood Studies, Ain- Shams University, 1993.
  2. M.Sc. Pediatrics, Faculty of Medicine, Ain-Shams University, 1987.
  3. MB.B.Ch., Faculty of Medicine, Ain-Shams University, 1983.
  1. President, National Research Centre, Egypt (Nov. 2009).
  2. Vice-president, Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, Egypt (Aug. 2008 – Nov. 2009).
  3. Head of Medical Research Division, National Research Centre, Egypt (Sept. 2004 – Jan. 2009).
  4. Head of Medical Services Unit, National Research Centre, Egypt (April 2004 – Jan. 2009).
  5. Professor of Biological Anthropology, Biological Anthropology Dept., National Research Centre, Egypt (Feb. 2004).
  1. Physical growth and mental development of primary school children in some endemic parasitic infections in Egypt. Ph.D. thesis, Institute of Postgraduate Childhood Studies (Medical Dept.), Ain-Shams University, 1993.
  2. Anthropometric assessment of physical growth in childhood parasitic infections in Egypt. M.Sc. thesis, Faculty of Medicine, Ain-Shams University, 1987.
Published more than 30 articles in local and international scientific journals. The theme of the majority of these studies is child growth and development, child nutrition and assessment of nutritional status.
Awards of Recognition:
  1. Award of Recognition from Cairo Medical Syndicate for the scientific excellence.
  2. Award of Recognition from Giza Medical Syndicate for the distinguished role of the applicant in medical services and for the promotion of the health status in Giza Governorate, Egypt.
  3. Award of Recognition from the High Institute of Childhood Postgraduate Studies, and The Center of Childhood Studies, Ain-Shams University, March 2000, Cairo, Egypt.
International Communications:
A. International positions and membership:
  1. Selected by the United Nation “World Food Programâ€‌ as a member of the National Flour Fortification Alliance (2007).
  2. Co-founder of “Middle East and North Africa Nutrition Associationâ€‌ (MENANA), 2004.
  3. Elected as the treasurer for the African Nutrition Leadership Program Association Board and the representative of the program in North Africa, November 2002.
  4. Fellow of “The First African Nutrition Leadership Programâ€‌, October 2002.
  5. Fellow of “Salzburg Seminarâ€‌, session 398: Achieving food security through community-based food systems. May 2002.

B. Human Participation Protection Certification:

Certification of “Human Participation Protection Education for Research Teamsâ€‌, National Institute of Health, USA, 2002.

C. Chairman of International Conferences:

  1. Chairman of the 3rd Africa Nutrition Epidemiology Conference, Cairo, Egypt 13-16 October 2008.
  2. Chaired a session in the 18th congress of the “International Union of Nutritional Sciencesâ€‌, Durban – South Africa, Sept., 2005.

D. Research Presenter in International Conferences:

Presented many scientific researches in international conferences in different countries (for example: Canada, Austria, Spain Japan and South Africa).

E. International Workshops attended:

Attended many international workshops in many parts of the world. For example:
  1. Nutrition Limpizo, Johannesburg – South Africa, 2005.
  2. Food Security Through Community-Based Food Systems, Austria, 2002.
  3. Egypt-US Biological Anthropology Workshop, Cairo, 2002, (Organizer).
Scientific Societies:
Founder, co-founder and member of many scientific societies in Egypt and abroad.

Local Conferences and Workshops:

Organized and chaired more than 20 locally held conferences and workshops during the last 10 years.
Local Conferences Attended as Chairperson or Speaker:
Participated in more than 50 conferences during the last few years in many fields, especially pediatrics, nutrition and biological anthropology.
Membership of Scientific Committees:
Member of many scientific committees; for example:
  1. Medical and Nutrition Specialized Council, Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, Egypt, 2009.
  2. Egypt-Italy Science Year Committee, 2008.
  3. The National Nutrition Committee, Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, Egypt, 2007.
  4. Executive Committee of Arab Society for Medical Research, 2006.
  5. The Higher Nutrition Committee, Ministry of Health and Population (The Egyptian Nutrition and Food Strategies 2005-2015).
  6. Medical Ethics Committee, National Research Centre, Egypt, 2005.
Principal Investigator for Scientific Projects:
  1. Early detection and prevention of complication of type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (2006-2008) in collaboration with the General Organization for Educational Hospitals and Institutes.
  2. Osteoporosis: Multidisciplinary project. National Research Centre, Egypt (2004-2007).
  3. Neonatal Growth in relation to parental factors. National Research Centre, Egypt (1998-2001).
  4. Study of neonatal growth. In collaboration with the Pediatric Dep., Air Force Hospital, Med. Military Academy, (1994-1996).
Co-principal Investigator for Scientific Projects:
  1. Body composition of Urban and Rural Egyptian Newborns. National Research Centre, Egypt (2001-2004).
  2. Study of physical growth and development of Egyptian infants in Big Cairo area, National Research Centre, Egypt (1995-2000).
Member of Research Team for Scientific Projects:
  1. Body composition of Urban and Rural Egyptian Newborns (Pilot study). National Research Centre, Egypt (2000-2001).
  2. Sociodemographic factors and their effects on institutionalized and non-institutionalized Elderly Egyptians in big Cairo area and Giza, Sandoz Foundation for Gerontological Research, National Research Centre, Egypt (1991-1994).
  3. A contribution to the study of growth and health of rural Egyptian children. National Research Centre, Egypt (1988-1991).

Training Experience:

Training of young researchers and lecturers on many science-related subjects; including courses for:
  1. Principles of oral presentations (see publication no. 28).
  2. Principles of poster presentations.
  3. Practical courses in oral presentations.
  4. Practical courses in poster presentations.

Thesis supervision:

Supervised many Master and Ph.D. scientific theses in addition to reviewing and discussing many other theses at different universities as external examiner.
Scientific Journals:
  1. Editor of the Medical Journal of National Research Centre, Egypt.
  2. Member of the scientific board of the Journal of Egyptian Society of Neurodevelopmental disorders in Children.
  3. Member of the scientific board of the Bulletin of the National Nutrition Institute,  Egypt.


Applicant for a patent in the Egyptian Patent Office, Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, 2007.

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