Oral & Dental Research division

Division name: The Oral Dental Research Division

Vision: The division represents a scientific center of excellence through undertaking basic and applied researches of high quality and converting their results into technologies for sustainable development of Egypt.

Mission: To develop the Egyptian oral health services and train more qualified dentists.


  1. To be pioneer in the dental inventions.
  2. To offer specific training programs,
  3. To accomplish research and proper educational environment.
  4. To augment the under structure and equipement of the division for helping the researchers from inside and outside the division.
  5. To establish good cooperation between different division departments.
  6. To offer proper clinical service for the community.
  7. Offering dental convoys for the Egyptian community.
  8. Publishing high quality studies in different journals.
  9. More improvement for the division lab.


– Orthodontics and Pedodontics Department

– Oral Surgery and Oral Medicine Department.

– Operative, Endodontics and Biomaterials Department.

– Fixed and Removable Prosthodontics Department.

Dental Basic Science Department

Special Units: The Lab. of The Oral Dental Research Division


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