Veterinary Research division

Division name: Veterinary Research Division

Vision:  We are leaders in the veterinary researches at the national and regional level.

Mission: Conducting basic and applied researches in the different veterinary fields which related to the national challenges for controlling the animal diseases as well as zoonotic diseases to protect the human health.


  • Preparing of well qualified researchers to serve the community.
  • Conducting scientific researches for resolving the problems which affect the national economy.
  • Establishing of national and international relations with worldwide scientific organizations for technology transfer.


  1. Department of Animal Reproduction and Artificial Insemination

The team is specialized in application of biotechnology for improving animal genetics and production and application of nanotechnology for disease treatments. They created 1st Embryo and genetic resources conservation bank in Egypt. They succeeded in produce in vitro buffalo calves (Emy, Mido, Amer) and treatment of breast cancer in animals using nano-gold.

  1. Department of Parasitology and Animal Diseases

Diagnosis and control of viral, bacterial and parasitic diseases. The activities also include biological control and use of natural products in control of pathogens and vectors, development of diagnostic kits, sera and vaccines. In addition to, pathological and clinico-pathological diagnosis of diseases.

  1. Department of hydrobiology

Studying the parasitic, bacterial, viral and fungal pathogens that affect aquatic organisms and reduce their productivity and their relationship to the public health by using modern diagnostic tools and new techniques of vaccines. Applications of Integrated fish farming for intensive and semi-intensive.

  1. Department of Zoonotic Diseases

Carrying out the advanced research studies in order to diagnosis and control the zoonotic diseases. Health control of animal food source and work in food security, food safety and consumer protection from animal diseases. Prevention of common diseases transmitted from animals and their products, poultry and by-  products, fishes and their impact on human health.

  1. Department of Microbiology and Immunology

Conducting scientific researches in the field of microbiology (bacteria, fungi and viruses) immunology, biotechnology and nanotechnology to serve the society and protect the environment.

  1. Department of Poultry Diseases

Diagnosis of complicated poultry bacterial diseases by clinical and molecular methods. Recently, isolation the viral causes and studying relatedness between reference Egyptian isolates together with protection percentage of available vaccines in order to establish good vaccinal programs that could protect poultry flocks for better Egyptian poultry industry.

Special Units:

  1. Central laboratory of the Division:

It was established for diagnosis and control of diseases that affect the productivity of animals, fish and poultry and control of products of animal origin, and genetic testing of animals to improve local breeds.

  1. Specific Units:

The division includes 5 specific units for diagnosis and control of different animal diseases:

  1. Veterinary services and consultations unit (Contact: Prof. Dr./ Hamdy Soufy 01221088613 and Prof. Dr. / Mona Said 01065250503)
  2. Improving the reproductive efficiency of farm animals’ unit (Contact: Prof. Dr. Youssef Fawzi 01100098252)
  3. Development and rearing of living aquatic organisms’ unit (Contact: Prof. Dr. / Laila Mohamed 01227583207)
  4. Preventive and diagnostic medicine of fish diseases unit (Contact: Prof. Dr. Ahmed Nour 01026714223 – 01147383483)
  5. Vaccine technology unit (Contact: Prof. Dr. Mohamed Kutkat 01001371043)
  6. Center of Embryo Bank and Genetic Resources Conservation

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