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Head Of  Veterinary Research division


Appointment: Professor of Parasitology
Background and areas of interest: Mona Said graduated from Veterinary College, Cairo University in 1984 and obtained her Master and PhD in Parasitology in 1992 and 1998 respectively. She spent the next five years as

a) Biological Services

  •  Analysis of biological samples to detect:-
  •  Causes of infertility and reduced fertility.
1. Analysis and evaluation of semen of bulls.
2. Evaluation and follow-up infertility problems.
3. Pregnancy using ultrasonic diagnostic imaging system.
  •  Genetic evaluation of animals.
1. Detection of pathogen reproduction of modern biotechnological methods (PCR).
2. Specialized scientific consultations.
3. Provide holding workshops and training courses to serve specialized    scientific objectives of the Unit.
  • Analysis of water and soil and determination of its suitability for the establishment of fish farms.
  •  Analysis of samples of fresh and marine fish for the presence of chemical and antibiotic residues and trace elements in fish meat.
  •  Analysis of random samples of fish from fish markets to determine its suitability for human consumption.
  •  4-Health care of ornamental fish
  •  Development and protection of poultry in Egypt, through. Offering advice to poultry farmers and companies working in the field of poultry.
  •  Developing programs for appropriate to immunization against farm diseases.
  •  Diagnosis and treatment of conditions set by using laboratory methods (microscopic examination ; agar gel precipitation test for and PCR),Measuring immunity against viral diseases, particularly Newcastle disease, Avian flu,infectious bronchitis and infectious bursal disease by using HI and/or ELISA tests.
  •  Conducting training courses in the field of poultry.

b) Consultation Services

  •  Aquaculture institution and feasibility studies.
  •  Technical supervision on fish farms and crustaceans.
  •  Increase production through health care and disease resistance.
  •  Determination of fish diseases which can be transmitted to humans and its control through good hygiene and management of both fisheries and fish cultures.
  •  Health care of ornamental fish.
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