Veterinary Research division


Prof. Dr. Mona Said Mahmoud

Head of Veterinary Division


Regarding our vision, we are leaders in the veterinary researches at the national level.


Our mission is conducting basic and applied researches in the different veterinary fields which related to the national challenges for controlling the animal diseases as well as zoonotic diseases to protect the human health.


  • Preparing of well qualified researchers to serve the community.
  • Conducting scientific researches for resolving the problems which affect the national economy.
  • Establishing of national and international relations with worldwide scientific organizations for technology transfer.


  • Department of Animal Reproduction and Artificial Insemination
  • Department of Parasitology and Animal Diseases
  • Department of Aquaculture Research
  • Department of Zoonotic Diseases
  • Department of Microbiology and Immunology
  • Department of Poultry Diseases

Central laboratory of the Division:

It was established for diagnosis and control of diseases that affect the productivity of animals, fish and poultry and control of products of animal origin, and genetic testing of animals to improve local breeds.

Specific Units:

The division includes 5 specific units for diagnosis and control of different animal diseases beside 2 specialized labs for:

  • Vaccine technology.
  • Conservation of genetic resources and embryo transfer.

For serving the community, multiple convoys were organized in the different provinces for treatment of diseased animals and supporting the farmers with the needed medication as well as training of veterinarians on diagnosis of pregnancy using ultrasonography.

The division organized multiple workshops, seminars and international conferences to discuss the ways of controlling epidemics.

النشاط الخدمي للشعبة

تضم الشعبة عدد من الوحدات ذات الطابع الخاص

تنمية ورعاية الاحياء المائية (للاتصال: ا.د/ ليلي محمد ٠١٢٢٧٥٨٣٢٠٧)

تحسين الكفاءات التناسلية لحيوانات المزرعة (للاتصال: ا.د/ يوسف فوزي ٠١١٠٠٠٩٨٢٥٢)

الخدمات والاستشارات البيطرية (للاتصال: ا.د/ منى سعيد ٠١٠٦٥٢٥٠٥٠٣)

اللقاحات والمشخصات تابع للوحدة الانتاجية (للاتصال: ا.د/ محمد قطقاط ٠١٠٠١٣٧١٠٤٣)

الطب الوقائي والتشخيص لأمراض الأسماك (للاتصال: ا.د/ احمد نور ٠١٠٢٦٧١٤٢٢٣ – ٠١١٤٧٣٨٣٤٨٣)

المعمل المركزى (للاتصال: ا.د/ منى سعيد ٠١٠٦٥٢٥٠٥٠٣)



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