Physics Research division

Division name: Physics Division

Vision: Pioneering division provides the best services they have through different measurement techniques and cooperates with most of the different divisions of the Centre for its excellence as a basic research team, which contributes to community service solving problems


  • Technological development:

Its aim at access to local technology and national production, for example solar cells – semiconductors – laser and its applications in various fields – electrical isolators used in electrical cables recycling of agricultural waste and waste materials plastic water purification.


  1. Integration between departments of the division on the one hand and other departments of the other divisions, in common technologies, so as to produce a unified technology applied to the local possibilities, for example the integration between the natural and veterinary people and others in the project of treatment of cancer particles gold.
  2. Upgrading the research performance by encouraging publication in specialized international journals and spreading the spirit of competition and participating in competitive projects locally and internationally.
  3. Interaction with production sectors and services with a focus on customer-oriented research to serve the specific needs of end users.

4- Investing in young people, especially those with scientific degrees from abroad, in the transfer of technology and providing the possibilities to the extent possible.

  1. Preparing scientific cadres by supervising master’s and doctoral dissertations in the center, universities or scientific bodies.



  1. Theoretical physics
  2. Physics of solids
  3. Spectrum
  4. Microwave wave physics and electrophoresis
  5. Electronic Microscope and thin film
  6. Applied Mathematics

Special Units:

  1. The unit of measurement of the magnetic properties of materials
  2. Electronic Microscope Unit
  3. Spectrometer and Molecular Modelling
  4. Electrical properties of materials

Name of Coordinator:

Dr. Ali Ahmed Abdel Hamid Wheida


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