• Research Studies

    Our deep commitment to improving health through scientific endeavour is the daily driver of our faculty, who published more than 91 peer-reviewed articles, chapters, books and other publications over the past year.

  • What Makes us Different

    Serving the community through a multidisciplinary medical mobile clinic in village areas and small cities. Most of which are uninsured and needy patient without health care.

  • Clinical Services

    Medical Division at the National Research Centre provides a wide range of clinical services and specialities dedicated to improving the health.

Medical Research Division Research division

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Leadership Messages

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Prof. Dr. Osama Azmy

Head of Medical Division

We are reaching out for doctors all around the world to collaborate and change the outcomesOsama Azmy

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Prof. Dr. Wafaa Kandeel

Deputy Head of Medical Division

When the teamwork and the right resources are provided, great progress in the healthcare is achieved which is the welfare of the whole community; this is our roleWafaa Kandeel


Care we provide will achieve the best value today and in the future

Make your vision a reality.

Our Vision

To be the leader in medical research and improving health for patients from our community

Our Mission

To deliver care through fully integrated, globally recognised research, education and innovation with the respect of our values & history

Our History

NRC was established as an independent public organisation in1974. It is the largest of all institutions affiliated to the ministry of Scientific Research.



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