• Research Studies

    Our deep commitment to improving health through scientific endeavour is the daily driver of our faculty, who published more than 91 peer-reviewed articles, chapters, books and other publications over the past year.

  • What Makes us Different

    Serving the community through a multidisciplinary medical mobile clinic in village areas and small cities. Most of which are uninsured and needy patient without health care.

  • Clinical Services

    Medical Division at the National Research Centre provides a wide range of clinical services and specialities dedicated to improving the health.

Medical Research Division Research division

Medical Research Division



We strive to be the leader in area of medical research in the MENA region.

To be reference, both locally and internationally, for development, innovation and excellence in the field of basic and clinical medical research.



We are dedicated to improving health of Egyptian citizens through performing interdisciplinary research of the highest caliber and addressing the national health needs. Building a culture of leadership and competency is one of our main concerns by preparing qualified researchers, who uphold the principle of scientific integrity, fairness, candor and accountability to achieve social development and improve economic growth of Egypt.



  • Produce cutting-edge research to become the destination of choice for qualified researchers.
  • Provide appropriate research environment through fulfilling Egypt sustainable development strategy.
  • Prepare researchers capable of competition and innovation nationally and globally.
  • Establish and continually developing interdisciplinary, collaborative and applicable health research appropriate to the context of our nation.
  • Spread the culture of accountability and utilizing from our intellectual and creative competences to address the health challenges that confront Egypt and the Middle East.






  1. Internal medicine
  2. Child Health.
  3. Pediatrics Research.
  4. Community Medicine.
  5. Reproductive health research.
  6. Dermatology and Venerology Research.
  7. Medical Biochemistry.
  8. Medical physiology.
  9. Clinical pathology.
  10. Biological Anthropology.
  11. Children with special needs research department.
  12. Toxicology, narcotics and drugs.
  13. Complementary medicine research.


Special Units:

  1. Medical Biochemistry special unit:

The purpose behind this special unit is to help young researchers inside and outside NRC in fields of medical biochemistry and related fields to use latest devices (ex: HPLC, Single gel layer electrophoresis, ELISA, Spectrophotometer) in estimating various biochemical products along with scientific consultation.


  1. Pharmacology special unit:

Established in 2003, this units aims at providing pharmacological services to all interested parties inside and outside Egypt. Studying and solving various health problems facing the Egyptian community. Providing international standard pharmaceutical research.

Creating new drugs to be introduced to the Egyptian market at reasonable costs.


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