Inorganic Chemical Industries and Mineral Resources Research division

Division name: Inorganic Chemical Industries and Mineral Resources Research Division

Vision: The division has to correspond to the country’s key production and services sectors through the research conducted in chemical industries and mineral resources, scientific consultation and training to be a certificated international consultancy house that benefit the Egyptians.


  1. Conduct high level applied research and community service through training courses to students.
  2. Improve the researchers’ skills to benefit the community needs.
  3. Solving the industrial problems and improve the production using the latest research techniques.
  4. Replace the local products with the important ones to help the country economy.
  5. Technology transfer and production of environmentally friendly products that reduce the energy consumption.
  6. Improve the research in advanced topics to meet the state of the art technology.
  7. Adopting the young talented graduates to complete their M.Sc. and Ph.D. in the national research centers, universities and scientific institutions.

Objectives: Industrial, environmental, geological and auxiliary auditing (testing and analysis of samples from factories and companies), addressing problems and working on solving them in production sites, research and development and generation of local technologies instead of importing and scientific and technical consultations through a number of areas that flow the six department.




1-Glass Research Department: This department is unique at the national level. And it is limited to its activities in basic and applied researching lass and glass ceramic fields and composites, which could evolve in to a technology related to the development of these industries.

2-Department of Refractoriness, Ceramics and Building Materials: This department is unique on the national level. Its activities are confined to replacing local materials, importing materials, building materials, recycling industrial waste and finally providing scientific consultancy for various ceramic industries

3-Department of Physical Chemistry: The Department’s efforts are concentrated in the fields of electroplating, chemical catalysis, production of auxiliary agents, production of inhibitors for metal corrosion and sediment inhibitors in cooling systems, preparation of materials and superconducting super conductors. In addition, the preparation of new and odes for use in lithium-ion batteries instead of the currently used graphite anodes with limited capacity

4- Inorganic Chemistry Department: The activities of this department concerned with preparation and characterization of some inorganic materials and nano-particle substances from local ores or the wastes which produced from the chemical industries. Also, their activities extend to evaluate this material to be use in different applications such as solid state, sensors, ferities, medical, energy and removal the impurities from the waste water

5- Department of Geological Sciences: The Department conducts research in the fields of geochemistry, environmental geology, engineering geology and industrial applications of rocks, minerals, ground materials and geology of monuments.

6-Department of Geophysical Sciences: conducts research in the areas of exploration of natural resources, groundwater, gas and oil through the implementation and consultation of projects and applied research studies

Special Units:

Units of a special nature and eight fields in the following disciplines:

  • Inorganic chemical industries.
  • Ceramic Industries.
  • Testing marble and granite.
  • Chemical processing and analysis using X-ray fluorescence XR.F.
  • Rock pulp analysis.
  • Geomagnetic and thermodynamic testing and testing and engineering transactions.
  • Evaluation of chemical additives for oil companies.
  • Controlling metal corrosion rates.


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