Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Research division

Division name: Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Research Division  


 Leadership and excellence in the field of genetic engineering and biotechnology locally and internationally.


Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Research Division as a part of National Research Centre, conducts researches in the field of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology to solve economic problems and implement national development plans by linking the outputs of scientific research in the Division with the beneficiaries of the various sectors (industrial, agricultural, medical, pharmaceutical,  environmental,…………….…….).


  • Production and evaluation of biologically active substances (enzymes, antibodies, antigen, vaccines antioxidants, anticoagulants, antimicrobials, anti-tumors, antivirus and antibiotics) from different sources (microorganisms, plant, animal and industrial wastes) for use in medical (therapeutic and diagnostic), agricultural and industrial applications.
  • Production and improvement of microorganisms, plants and animals harboring new traits.
  • Production of Biofuel, Bioethanol from agricultural and industrial wastes.
  • Production of therapeutic agents from the medicinal plants with conservation of the genetic traits.
  • Using the genetic engineering techniques for production of commercial kits for diagnosis of diseases in both animals and humans.


  1. Biochemistry
  2. Cell Biology
  3. Genetics and Cytology
  4. Microbial Genetics
  5. Microbial Biotechnology
  6. Microbial Chemistry
  7. Molecular Biology
  8. Plant Biotechnology

Special Units:

  • Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology consultation unit.

● Biotechnology unit for improvement of rough and concentrated fodders.


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