Food Industry and Nutrition Research division

Division name:Food Industry and Nutrition Research division

Vision:To become a home of expertise and a basic reference for scientific research in the fields of food industry, nutrition, food safety and arrival of our local products to global levels.

Mission:Contribute actively in the promotion of food, nutrition and human health researches through researches in functional foods products; and the development ofcooperation bridges between scientific research and industry; and promotion of food safety, development and raise their nutritional value by using modern science and advanced technology, especially biotechnology and nanotechnology;and also preparing distinguished research cadres, supporting innovation and keeping abreast of developments that meet the needs of sustainable development.


  1. Interest in conducting applied researches that serve the civil society in the field of food industries, nutrition and food safety.
  2. Attention to the fields of modern science and advanced technology, especially with regard to biotechnology and nanotechnology.
  3. Develop cooperation strategies between food industries companies and the division labs for training young researchers and those interested in the field of food processing.
  4. Enhancing food products safety and development and raising their nutritional value while prolonging their validity.
  5. Identification of nutritional state in health and disease and intervene to alleviate signs and promote health through functional foods.
  6. Provide advice to solve problems that may face food processingindustry as well as maximize the utilization of the by-products of the food and dairy industries.


  • Dairy Science
  • Food Technology
  • Nutrition and Food Science
  • Fats and Oils
  • Food Toxicology and Contaminants
  • Chemistry of Flavor and Aroma

Special Units:

The Division provides many services through the Special Units, which analyze all food and dairy products and provide scientific and technical consultations for the factories as follows:

  1. Production and analysis of Food &dairy products
  2. Food Analysis, Therapeutic Diets and Dietary Regimen
  3. Analysis and evaluation of fats, oils, detergent&soap.
  4. Analysis and evaluation of flavor and aroma.
  5. Isolation, identification and production of bacterial strains.
  6. Production, cultivation & utilization of mushroom.
  7. Quality control unit for exported foods.
  8. Determination of Enzymes.
  9. Safe food.
  10. Touristic installations evaluation unit in accordance to food health and safety
  11. Spraydrying and encapsulation of flavour and aroma solutions
  12. Analysis and evaluation of food additives
  13. Local and Imported Foods and Feeds Evaluation Unit
  14. Amino acids and analytical services


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