Environmental Research Division

Head Of Environmental Research Division

Prof. Dr. Amal SaadEldin Ahmad Hussein




To bridge the gap between industrial developments and environmental conservation by supporting cost effective, environmentally recognized and internationally sounded solutions for increased production, waste reduction and environmental conservation. To deliver science based environmental analysis and consultations to support decision making through full integration of representative, precision and standard based analytical procedures. To integrate molecular genetics applications as diagnostic tools in pollution evaluation as well as therapeutic tools in studying climate change adaptation and modifications. To enhance the natural resources conservation and sustainability of use for the prosperity of the current and future generations.


Full integration of environmental friendly solutions (blue and green solutions) based on comprehensive understanding of the environmental problems within our community to support the country efforts in mainstreaming of biodiversity conservation. Presenting a successful business model of environmental analysis in different matrices including air, water, soil, sediment and biota.Improving the quality of environmental analysis to enhance quality of life through implementation of the latest recognized analytical techniques and protocols.

We strive to promote:

  • Transparency and integrity in all that we do
  • Influential leadership through continuous improvements
  • Supporting science-based decision making

We care to protect and promote environment, equipped with appropriate facilities and competent manpower.

Healthy People…………Healthy Environment


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