Engineering Research division

Division name: Engineering Research Division


Contribution as  a house of expertise  in effectively placing Egypt in the ranks of the developed countries, by settling technology and establishing unique national industries.


To carry out basic and applied research in various fields of science and technology, and scaling them up to  industrial level, hence,  utilizing these outcomes to promote the national economy and society. Besides,  providing scientific consultations for  industry and social service agencies, and strengthen scientific links with local and international counterparts. Finally, passing down experience to the new generations and the preparation of outstanding scientific staff.


Participating effectively in achieving sustainable development in the fields of energy generation and conservation, water  treatment, and production of innovative advanced materials to promote different industries.

  1. production of low-carbon fuels from new and renewable sources:
  • Development of methods and processes associated with the production of biofuels.
  • Development of new and renewable energy systems and their applications
  1. Water treatment and desalination:
  • Development of desalination systems and associated processes.
  • Development of membranes and membrane systems.
  • Technological and engineering development of water treatment systems and chemical wastewater.
  • Innovation in industrial waste water treatment systems using solar energy.
  • Innovation in biologically contaminated water treatment systems using solar energy

.3. Strategic industries and advanced materials:


  • Production of advanced hybrid materials & nano-material composites and applying them in various industrial fields: construction industry, chemical industries, energy cells


  • Chemical Engineering & Pilot Plant Department.
  • Mechanical Engineering Department
  • Civil Engineering Department
  • Solar Energy Department
  • Systems and Information’s Department

Special Units:

  • Engineering Development and Consulting Unit
  • Advanced Programming Unit
  • Civil and architectural Engineering Consulting Unit



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