Chemical Industries Research division

Division name: Chemical Industries Research Division.


To be reference, both locally and internationally, for development, innovation and excellence in the field of research of industrial chemistry basically and applied.


Developing and expanding innovative research programs that serve the different chemical industries and solve some national problems in a manner that is well in line with the developmental needs of the state through the transfer and encouragement of collective innovation work in support of the industry in Egypt.


  1. Employing basic and applied scientific research to contribute to solving the problems of industry and national needs.
  2. Providing excellent consultancy, expertise and advanced solutions in the field of application and industrial and chemical products.


  • Preparing and building specialized research cadres.
  • Achieving the partnership between the Division and the industrial sector of all kinds.
  • Encouraging joint applied industrial research with different specialties locally and internationally.
  • Maximize basic and applied research that contributes to the service of society.
  • Increase cooperation with all state research institutions and provide services to them and exchange experiences and information.


  1. Polymers and Pigments Department.
  2. Cellulose and Paper Department.
  3. Applied Organic Chemistry Department.
  4. Organometallic and Organometalloid Chemistry Department.
  5. Pesticide Chemistry Department.
  6. Photochemistry Department.
  7. Green Chemistry Department
  8. Packaging Materials Department.
  9. Chemistry of Tanning Materials and Leather Technology Department.
  10. Peptide Chemistry Department.

Special Units:

  1. Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries Unit. Head of Unit:Prof. Dr. Hosny El Sayed. Internal 1506.
  2. Analysis and Consulting Unit – Paints, Plastics and Rubber. Head of Unit:Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Ahmed Abdul Ghaffar. Internal 1562.
  3. Production Unit of Local Technologies and Auxiliary Materials. Head of Unit:Prof. Dr. Jalal Nawar. Internal 1540.
  4. Special Leather Unit. Head of Unit: Prof. Dr. Nabil Hussein Khamis. Internal 1574.
  5. Analysis and Consulting Unit – Cellulose, Paper and Wood. Head of Unit: Prof. Dr. Mohammad Lotfy Hassan. Internal 1497.


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