International Projects

Egypt – US Projects Partnership
  • Economical and Environmental Friendly Lingo Cellulose Composites
  • Development In Bio Diesel Production and Sources
  • Synthesis, Characterization and Evaluation of New Hydrogen Storage Materials
  • Production of New Biocide Textiles Using Advanced Nano and Melt Spinning Techniques
  • Saffron (Crocus Sativa): Production of Secondary Metabolites In Cultured Roots
  • Assessment and Modeling of The Potential Public Health Impact of Rural & Urban Residential Indoor Bio Aerosols In Egypt
  • Preparation of Chitosan Ion Exchangers Nano Particles
  • Ionophore-Based Electrodes With Nanoporous 3DOM Carbon Solid Contacts
Miscellaneous International Projects Partnership
  • Production of A Recombinant Vaccine Against Cattle and Camel Ticks
  • Preparation of Scientific Encyclopedia for Mango Trees
  • Innovative , Environmental and Economic Rice Waste Management
  • Agreement For Water Quality Survey Under Preparatory Study For Abu Rawash Waste Water Treatment Plant Improvement in CAIRO
Egyptian – European Projects Partnership
  • Synthesis and Investigation of The Physical and Electrical Properties of Basrtio3 (BST) Nano-Structures Prepared By Sol-Gel Methods
  • Creating A Circle By Extending The Bio NCP Network to Third Country Nips
  • Treatment of Industrial Wastewater Effluents Containing Toxic and Bio recalcitrant Contaminants by Photo assisted Chemical Oxidation Processes
  • Novel Integrated Strategies To Reduce Mycotoxin Contamination in The Food and Feed Chain World Wide
  • Single Nucleotide Polymorphism for Some Genes Correlated To Milk Production In Egyptian and Spanish Bovidae
  • Tillverknings Tekniker Och Egenskaper Av Spintronik Material Rumstemperature
  • Uniform Gel Beads For Covalent Immobilization of Penicillin – G acylase for Production of Semi Synthetic Antibiotics on The Semi-Pilot scale
  • Geotechnical and Petro physical Relationships For The Improvement of Road Bases of Nile Delta , Egypt
  • Healthy Food For Life
  • Development of New Nitrogen – Containing Hetero and Macro cyclic Compounds As Potential Pharmacological Agents
  • Implementation of Solar Adsorption Air Conditioning Systems for Energy Saving and Environment Protection
  • Non- Conventional Low Cost For The Removal of Pesticide from Aqueous Solutions
Ongoing Egypt – US Projects Partnership
  • Advanced Lignocelluloses Composites From Lignocelluloses Materials
  • Vitrification of Ocytes and Embryos Conservation of Animal Genetic resources
  • Preparation and Sintering of Nano Sic From Waste Silica Fume Via An Integrated Mechanical and Thermal Activation Process
  • Laboratory and Numerical Modeling of Reinforced Earth Quick Loadings
  • Developing A Basis For Commercial Biological Control Tactics For IPM In Citrus
  • Catalytic Gasification of Biomass For Synthesis
  • Influence  of Structures On Drainage Patterns In Tushka Area
  • Ionic Cross Linking A Novel Method of Fabric Stapalization
  • Synthesis of Benzoxazole Derivatives With Potential Anti tumor and Antiviral Activity
  • Synthesis of Nano Crystalline Sensing Oxides
  • Use of Gene Transfer Techniques For Production of New Tomato and Strawberry Variety Tolerant To Nematodes
  • Development and Evaluation of Grass Sward Filtration System (GSFS) For Bio-Remediation of Contaminated Water
  • Delivery of Antioxidants With Cancer – Suppressing Properties In Egyptian and American Baked Goods
  • Mapping of Genes Cloning of Genes Controlling Insect Resistance In Barley
  • Possible Role of Transcription Factors In Controlling Developmental Competence of In Vitro Produced Buffalo and Bovine Embryos
  • Synthesis of Novel Nitrogenous Heteroocycles of Potential Biological And/Or Pharmacological Importance
  • Production of Novel Probiotic Dairy Products Rich In Conjugated Linoleic Acid
  • Functionalized Membrane For Acid Catalysis
  • A Study of The Flow Structures Near A Stationary and An Oscillating Impingement Plate In A Semi-Confined Impinging Jet
  • Preparation of Rice – Waste Reinforced Urea-Formaldehyde Composites With Improved Moisture Resistance
  • The Molecular Basis For Host Range Restriction and Pathogenicity of Avian Influenza (H5N1) Virus: Approaches Toward Vaccine Development
  • Improving Healing Performance of Wound Dressing Through Formation of High Surface Area Chitosan/Cellulose Structures From Electrospun Nano Fibers
  • Genetic Transformation of Some Pathogenesis Related Genes For Fungal Resistance Into Grain Legumes (Faba Bean and Pea)
  • Size Effect of Fire and Heat Exposure On Structural Concrete Elements
  • Improving Oocyte Maturation and Embryo Culture By Comparing Global Expression Profiles of In Vivo and In Vitro Embryos In Cattle and Buffalo
  • Studies of Xenorhabdus and Photorhabdus Spp. Antibiotic Activity Against Pathogens of Medical and Veterinary Importance
  • Development and Optimization of Pesticide Industry Effluent Treatment System Using Nano Filtration (NF) and Oxidation Technologies
Ongoing Egyptian – European Projects
  • Novel Catalytic Technologies For The Treatment of Wastewater from agro-Food and Industrial Production In Med. Countries
  • Establishment of Germ plasma Collection of Mediterranean Pistachio
  • Micro- Nutrients and Plant Nutrition Problem In Egypt
  • Trace Elements With Special Attention To Zinc Copper In Edible Vegetation As Related To Egyptian Geographical Distribution
  • Improving Health and Nutritional Status of Children Living At South Sinai Through An Intervention Program
  • Development of Technologies To Grow Innovative Cash Crops and Use Agricultural Waste Products In South Sinai
  • Preparation of Nano cellulosic Fillers From Agricultural Residues and Their Application In Polymer Nano composites
  • A Role of Domestic Animals In The Contamination of Water Resources With Zoonotic Viruses
  • Development of a Real Time PCR Methods For Quantification of Enteric Viruses
  • Long Living Chemical Sensors For On-Line Monitoring of Some Important Parameters In Surface and Drinking Waters
  • Support of Focal Point Activities To Promote Facilitate and Enhance Egyptian Participation In EU Funded Research
  • Cost-Effective Renewable Energy For Rural Areas In The Mediterranean Region
Ongoing Miscellaneous International Projects
  • Membrane Technology For Recovery of Dyes and Reuse of Wastewater In Textile Industry
  • Support To Bedouin Women Activities In Sinai
  • Nepad / Nabnet
  • Efficient Production of Butanol and Acetone Using Membrane Bioreactor and Pervaporation Technique
  • Implementation of Novel High Performance, Low Cost Solar Adsorption Ice Makers In The Development of Nasser Lake Fisheries
  • Endemic Entomopathogenic Nematodes to control insect pets and plant parasitic nematodes in Mediterranean horticul tural crops, Spain
  • Antilisterial activity of some Egyptian medicinal plants: food application, Spain
  • Bacteriological Status of ready to eat foods in Egypt, Spain
  • Production of biodiesel from algar and jatropha oils, Spain
  • Polymer Nanoparticles for drug delivery systems , France
  • Gene Expression profiles during in vitro early embryonic development in cattle & buffalo ,France
  • Novel nanostructure materials for solar range water purification,France
  • Development of Novel biosensors sensitive to L-glutathione based on self-assembly of thioctic acid amide-metalophthalocyanines derivate on gold microelectrodes,France
  • Response of some Monocot and Dicot plants to UV-B and salt Stresses in  interaction with heat (cross adaption and recovery) , Bulgaria
  • Elaboration of Prototype of Egyptian Emergency Response System (EERS) in case of pollution accident , Bulgaria
  • Investigations on the Improvement of the biotechnologies for production of farm animals, Bulgaria
  • The improvement of cultivation and yield production of some medicinal and aromatic plants by application of mineral nutrients and plant growth regulators, Bulgaria
  • Developing Bio insecticides production technology using complementary Egyptian Chinese approach, China

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