National Projects

I. Industrial Modernization R&D Program:

In collaboration with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

Running projects:

  • Production of low coast medium density fireboard
  • Photochemical study of the different rice bran from different varieties and different climatic conditions
  • Development of Advanced Products to Absorb Oil & Organic Waste from Fresh & Salty Water
  • Identification of the cause of, and solution to, non homogeneity and poor color fastness to washing of nylon fabrics problem, especially in dark colors
  • Quality and shelf life improvement of bakery products by multi – target hurdle technology approach
  • Development o natural product for the treatment or/and control of Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) infection
  • Development of drug delivery system for administration of peptide hormone like insulin by oral route
  • Development of a drug delivery system for administration of insulin by oral route
  • Implementation of the different rice bran products in food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries

II. Contracts with the Academy of Scientific Research

  • Research Projects funded by the Academy of Scientific Research  and Technology

Medical Research Projects

  • Molecular Study of Autonomic recessive hearing loss
  • Conexin 26 mutations in Egyptian children with sensory neural hearing impairment

Nutrition Research Projects

  • Production of low fat processed spread cheese
  • Extraction of gluco – micro peptide from whey

Textile Research Project

  • National Campaign for Textile Development in Egypt
  • Environmental Research Projects
  • Evaluation of domestic wastewater treatment projects within the framework of rural development projects
  • Air Pollution in greater Cairo: A review Study
  • Air Pollution in Shoubra El Kheima District

Pharmaceutical Research Projects

  • The use of Biotechnology for the detection of drugs and anti bilharzias, anti-cancer and  the protection of carcinogenesis
  • Economic Production of anti neo plastic (anticancer) alkaloids through biotechnology techniques from Egyptian Cartharanthus roseus
  • Application of modern techniques for improving the activities and stabilization of some economical microbial enzymes
  • Production of recombinant thermo stable B galactosidase from Egyptian Extreme thermo philic bacteria
  • Gene characterization and germ plasma conservation of some wild medicinal plants
  • Application of biotechnology in drug discovery from marine organisms
  • Anti-tumors and anti-viruses from Egyptian marine algae
  • Nationality expedition for rising the medicinal plants harvest
  • Cultivation of cynara scdymus (Romanian strain) and sllybum marinuml. as non traditional sources for edible oils
  • Obesity and medicinal plants
  • Evaluation of some plant extracts as a treatment of anemia
  • Chemical evaluation of some plant extract as anti- osteoporosis
  • Development of a natural product for the treatment or /and control of hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection

Agriculture Research Projects

  • The role of plant overcomes soil fertility problems in calcareous soils
  • Testing certain growth (plant safeners) via their effects on plasma membrane red ox system and Ex-plant organogenesis
  • The National campaign for improving citrus productivity
  • The National campaign for Development of Banana production in Egypt
  • Expansion in cultivation. Improving and developing nut trees in Sinai
  • Integrated Biotechnological Approach for Remediation of textile Dye Wastes
  • Protection of water environment and Soil from Pollution
  • Economic production of bio pesticides using techniques adequate for local conditions
  • The use of Microorganisms in the integrated pest management of the most important pests and plant Diseases on the most important exporting crops
  • National Camping for the Control of the Red Palm Weevil

Genetic Research Project

  • Molecular diagnostics of some genetic diseases common among Egyptian

Veterinary Research Projects

  • Application of biotechnology in animal reproduction
  • Embryo transferee in buffalo
  • Phyla genetic by molecular in fish marker is local strains

Engineering Research Projects

  • Integrated Environmentally Friendly Energy System for Remote Areas
  • Dissemination and Monitoring of PV Systems in Egypt
  • Treatment of Cellulosed Wastes from Municipal and Agricultural Wastes to obtain Liquid Fuel
  • Dual – Purpose Power and Desalination in Egypt
  • Nile Water Treatment in Sinai
  • Optimization of a Process for Economic Standardized Production of Quality Baker’s Yeast in Egypt

Industrial Organic Chemistry Research Projects

  • Extension of Study of the Fabrication of New Screen-Printed Sensors for the On-Line Determination of Some Pollutants in Water NA
  • Friendly Technology for the Production of Cellulose Products
  • Generation of Feasible Technologies for the Production of Pharmaceutical Chemicals
  • Preparation of Nan-Composites containing Montmorillonite and Poly (Methyl Methacrylate)
  • Industrial production for eraser

Inorganic Chemical Industries Research Projects

  • Production of cordierite and / or mullet bodies as ceramic mufflers for automobile industry from Egyptian raw materials and design of production line
  • Production of insulation refractoriness from local raw materials
  • Maximize gypsum ores utilization and improve their economic and investment values
  • Preparation of ultra fine barium titivates and characterization of their ceramic sintered bodies
  • Preparation of Al-Na silicate compositions (Zeolites)
  • Utilization of industrial and non- industrial waste materials in road constructions  and ballasting for rail ways
  • Preparation and Characterization of Bioactive Bone Cement
  • A review of the environmental factors leading to the deterioration of carbonate rocks used for building and ornamental purposes in Egypt
  • Marine Chemistry: active secondary metabolites from Egyptian water invertebrates
  • Human Genetics & Genome Research Project
  • Addition of some genes to the beta pancreatic cells responsible of insulin secretion in juvenile diabetic patients

III. Projects Funded from STDF (Science,Technology
&  Development  Fund)

  • Synthesis and Assessment of Nano structured Materials For Drug Delivery
  • Utilitarian Super molecular Nano cellulose Materials
  • Origin and Economic Significance of Neoproterozoic Ophiolites In The Southern Eastern Desert, Egypt
  • Formulating a Rule For Modeling Optimal Application Strategies For IPM In Citrus
  • Si3n4/Sig Nano Composites Synthesized From Waste Silica Fume For High Temperature Structural Applications

IV.Contracts with the Private Sector

  • More than 340 contracts are ongoing with businessmen and private Sectors
  • 112 new contracts during 2008-2009

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