Training Centre

One of the major goals of the NRC is to develop scientific and technological capabilities at the national and regional levels to face the challenges enforced as a result of rapid development in the various scientific fields. To serve this goal, the Training and Capabilities Development Unit (TCD) was established in 1985 to develop human resources through scientific yearly training plans with continuous updating and upgrading. These plans include:
  • Training for people from inside as well as outside the NRC.
  • Organizing administrative training courses at the centre for management and administration according to the job requirements of the different sectors of the NRC.
  • TCD activity also extends its services to external authorities in Egypt, Arab countries and commonwealth countries to qualify candidates for the appropriate development programs.
  • The NRC collaborates with Egyptian universities to provide summer courses for university students.
  • TCD participates in the national program for training of graduate students.
  • To help skill development, the TCD organizes evening courses.
  • Language and computer training.
  • Leadership training courses.

A Plan has been developed for in-house training for all NRC employment categories according to priorities and needs, with a focus on the training of young researchers:

  • The early rehabilitation program for the newly graduates enrolled in NRC
  • The rehabilitation program for M.Sc. graduates and pre-registration for the Ph.D. Degree
  • Program for Ph.D. holders applying for full Professor degree.
  • Program workshops for Heads of Departments.
  • The program of workshops and seminars for Heads of Divisions.
  • Program for Administration Directors.
  • Program for Executive Secretariat.
  • The language-training program.
  • Program to obtain the ICDL Certification.
  • Program of workshops and seminars for Senior Management.
  • Training program for laboratory Technicians.
  • Programs for using Advanced Equipment.
  • Specialized Scientific programs.
  • Computer software and information technology and the Internet.
  • Programs, workshops, for projects (external funding) P.I. Researchers
Initiative to build the capacity of young researchers at the National Research Centre

Training programs selected

1.  Programs eligible for employment:
  • Basics of Research Methods and Statistics.
  • Statistical analysis using SPSS.
  • Ways of writing and presentation of scientific research.
  • International routes for the dissemination of research.
  • How to write a summary and dissemination of scientific research.
  • The ethics of scientific research.
2.  Developing communication skills and presentation:
  • Communication skills.
  • Effective Presentation.
  • Network communication and teamwork.
3.  Development of skills and personal qualifications:
  • The development of personal and qualifications skills.
  • Risk management.
4.  Specialized skills:
  • Write research projects protocols to be funded.
  • Intellectual property rights.
  • Bio-security laboratory.
Leadership Development Programs:
  • Training courses involving work methodologies, self control and decision making.
  • Teaching the descriptive skills from the technical, human, administrative and planning points of view and drawing strategies and the ability to cope with crises.
This program is implemented in two stages:
First phase:
Includes introductory training for knowledge development through acquired information on the performance methods of the different administrative offices of the NRC.
Second phase:
Includes leadership skill development through advanced training programs.

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