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Central Unit for Analysis and
Scientific Services



The Central Unit for Analysis and Scientific Services is considered one of the Special Services Units that have financial, administrative and technical independence.
The main purpose of establishing such a unit is providing analytic and functional services to support scientific research and apply modern technologies to the production and service sector as well as raising the efficiency of research in the applied field, testing the validity of products and their quality level.

The unit also has a prominent role in serving the research plan of the NRC through providing scientific services that serve the research projects either outside or inside the various research departments and divisions, in addition to carrying out all measurements, tests and necessary services to fulfill research theses including M.Sc. & Ph.D. holders inside and outside the NRC from the various Egyptian universities and research centers.

This unit is headed by a board of directors composed of seven Ph.D. holders including chairman of the board of directors, vice-president, general secretary of the unit and the remaining members.

Board of Directors of Central Unit For Analysis and Scientific Services (CUASS)

  1. Prof. Dr. Mostafa Zaki Mostafa                       Board Chairman
  2. Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Sayed Ahmed Farag             Co-Chairman
  3. Prof. Dr. Abou El Fettouh A.Abd El Hakim
  4. Prof. Dr. Ali Ali Shabaha
  5. Prof. Dr. Farouk Rasmy Melek
  6. Prof. Dr. Mohamed Mostafa El Foly   
  7. Prof. Dr. Mohamed Refat Hussein Mahran       Board Trustee

(CUASS) Structure
The Central Unit includes two main Labs.:

  • Material Testing Lab.
  • Central Services Lab.

Material Testing Lab. Departments:

  1. Ceramics, Polymers and Solid Matter
  2. Textile and Paper
  3. Isotopes
  4. X-Rays
  5. Thermal Analysis
  6. Microtoxins
  7. Electrical  and  electronic Work Shop

Central Services Lab. Departments:

  1. IR
  2. Mass Spec
  3. EM (Scan, Trans)
  4. At.Ab .& UV
  5. NMR
  6. Microanalysis
  7. GC/MS
  8. HPLC & GLC (Amino acid Analysis)
  9. ESR
  10. Raman Spec.
  11. GLC/MS

The Central Unit Equipment

  1. Image Analysis System
  2. Instron 1128 , 5500R
  3. Fathometer
  4. GLG & HPLC
  5. IR, UV and Visible
  6. Mass Spectrometer
  7. TEM
  8. SEM
  9. Atomic Absorption
  10. NMR
  11. DTA&TGA
  12. XRD Analyzer and x-ray Single Crystal
  13. Thin films
  14. Biological samples cutting
  15. ESR
  16. Raman Spectrometer

Contact us
Telephone: (+202) 33387803
Email:         nrc1302@yahoo.com


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