Vice President for Technical Affairs

Prof. Hussein Darwish Mustafa Darwish (H Darwish), Ph.D.

National Research Centre , NRC, Egypt.


Professional Body Level of Membership Dates (from-to)
–   General Supervisor of the Central Laboratories Network and Center of Excellences, NRC, Egypt. General Supervisor 2015 to 2018
–  Treasurer of the board of director the NRC 12/09/2015 10/02/2018
–    Vice-Chairman of the Committee of Scientific Research Federation of Egyptian Industries. Vice-Chairman 2013-2016 period
–    Head of Unit Consulting and Geomechanical and thermal tests and Engineering Transactions (Special character units). Head 2010 to 2018
–    Head of Unit Central Laboratories Network (Special character units). Head 2016 to date
–    The Supervisor of the Private Fields on the Inorganic Chemical Industries and Mineral Resources Division.  Head 2016 to date
–    Supervisor of the office of the Vice president of technical affairs. Supervisor 2017 to 2018
–    General Treasurer of the Permanent Scientific Committees for Promotions and the Council of Prizes Head 24/9/2018 todate

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