Prof.Dr. Mohamed Hashem

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Mahmoud Hashem


Professor, Textile Division, National Research Centre, Cairo Egypt since January 2007

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He has born in February, 1964, Dakahlia, EGYPT.

Awarded his B.Sc in Chemistry from Faculty of Science, Zagazig University in May, 1986.

Awarded his M.Sc in Organic Chemistry, from faculty of Science, Cairo University in May, 1992.

Awarded his Ph.D degree from Faculty of Science, Cairo Uni, Egypt and Deutsches Textilforschungs-zentrum Nord-West e.v., Duisburg University, Germany in June 1996.

Main Research and Technology Topics: Applied organic Chemistry, Fibre and Polymer Science-Chemistry and Technology of Textile Fibre and Fabric, Pretreatment and Finishing of Cellulosic-Based Textile – Polymer and Carbohydrates Chemistry.

Have more than 59 Published Scientific Papers and 2 patents. Participate as PI, Co-PI, or member in more than 40 national and international scientific research projects.  He supervised more than 19 M. SC. and Ph. D Thesis. External examiner for M.Sc and Ph.D Thesis submitted to Several Egyptian Faculties.


1)     Vice-President of National Research Centre for Research Affairs and International Relations, October 2014.

2)     Head of Textile Division, National Research Centre, May 2012.

3)     Head of the Department of Pretreatment and Finishing of Cellulosic Based fibres, NRC, November 2010

4)     Professor, Textile Division, National Research Centre, Cairo Egypt since January 2007

5)     Adjunct Professor, North Carolina State University, College of Textile, USA since May 2007.



1)     Encourage Prize of National Research Centre in Chemistry 2001,

2)     Dr. Omer Abdel Rahman Prize in Applied Organic Chemistry, National Research Centre, 2003.

3)     Dr. Mohamed Kamel Prize in Textile Chemistry and Technology, Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, Egypt 2004.

4)     Academy of El-Shrook Prize, for Creative Scientific Research in Chemical Engineering 2007,

5)     State Prize in Scientific Excellence in Advanced Technological Science 2013.


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