Brief History

NRCwas established as an independent public organization in1956, with the aim “to foster basic and applied scientific research, particularly in industry, agriculture, public health and other sectors of national economy”. It is the largest of all institutions affiliated to the ministry of Scientific Research and employs about60%of all scientists working in these institutions.

Between the sixties and eighties of the last century six divisions ofNRCdeveloped into independent research institutes:

  • The national institute of standards.
  • Petroleum research institute.
  • Central metallurgical research institute.
  • Theodore Bilharz institute.
  • Ophthalmology research institute.
  • Electronic research institute.

Since its establishment, theNRChas passed through three evolutionary stages:

  • The initial stage extending to1968focused on basic sciences research and capacity building.
  • The second stage (1968-1973) was characterized by a growing interaction with the production and service sectors.
  • The third stage (1973till now) concentrating on customer oriented research to serve specific needs of end users

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