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Environmental Research Division


Division name: Environmental Research Division Vision: Ambition that the division becomes a lighthouse for knowledge and the first reference to scientific researches in the system of environmental protection to meet the environmental challenges and technological development for economic acceptable solutions ...

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Engineering Research division


Division name: Engineering Research Division Vision: Contribution as  a house of expertise  in effectively placing Egypt in the ranks of the developed countries, by settling technology and establishing unique national industries. Mission: To carry out basic and applied research in ...

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Chemical Industries Research division


Division name: Chemical Industries Research Division. Vision: To be reference, both locally and internationally, for development, innovation and excellence in the field of research of industrial chemistry basically and applied. Mission: Developing and expanding innovative research programs that serve the ...

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Agricultural and Biological Research division


Vision: Development and innovation of new technologies to improve agricultural production , achieve food security and self-sufficiency. Mission: Achieving sustainable development and promotion of the agricultural sector through increasing agricultural production by using modern technologies. Objectives: Supporting agricultural development through ...

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Project Formulation Committee

Vision: In view of the continuous increase in research capabilities in various scientific disciplines at the NRC, especially dealing with writing and formulation of research projects from the different donor organizations, the National Research Centre administration recognized the necessity to ...

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Medical Research Ethics Committee (MREC)

The Committee was established on 25/02/2003. Background: NRC is one of the few research bodies in Egypt which since 2003 has a well-structured system for medical research ethics by establishing the Medical REC of the NRC which meets regularly, once ...

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International Projects

Egypt – US Projects Partnership Economical and Environmental Friendly Lingo Cellulose Composites Development In Bio Diesel Production and Sources Synthesis, Characterization and Evaluation of New Hydrogen Storage Materials Production of New Biocide Textiles Using Advanced Nano and Melt Spinning Techniques ...

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National Projects

I. Industrial Modernization R&D Program: In collaboration with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the Ministry of Trade and Industry. Running projects: Production of low coast medium density fireboard Photochemical study of the different rice bran from ...

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The Ninth Research Plan (2010 – 2013) Objectives of the plan: The current strategy Focus on national issues and future priorities in light of the Supreme Council for Science and Technology. Maximize the scientific contribution in the development process for ...

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International Agreements

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Between China Science and Technology Exchange Center (CSTEC) and National Research Centre. Agreement Between University of Bonn and National Research Centre for Establishing a new Programme of Master of Science in Organic Farming in Egypt (NPMSOFE) ...

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